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    Stakev Unveils “Bittersweet” Album to Rave Reviews

    Featuring Collaborations with Top Artists and Fresh Beats

    South African music sensation, Stakev, has officially released his highly anticipated album titled “Bittersweet.” The album, which was eagerly awaited by fans and music enthusiasts alike, dropped on the 29th of October and has since been making waves in the music scene.

    The “Bittersweet” album showcases Stakev's versatility and prowess as an artist. One of the standout tracks, “Suku Suka,” features collaborations with Zain SA and the renowned Kabza De Small. This track, in particular, has set the tone for the entire project, highlighting Stakev's unique blend of beats and melodies.

    Other notable tracks from the album include “Rekere 9,” which also features Kabza De Small, and “Celubuye” where Thatohatsi lends his voice. Additionally, “S'hamba Nabo” is a collaboration that brings together the talents of Toss, Kabza De Small, and Professor. The track “Ngeke Balunge” features the dynamic , adding another layer of depth to the album.

    The “Bittersweet” album is a testament to Stakev's growth as an artist and his ability to seamlessly blend different musical elements to create a cohesive sound. The album is available on major streaming platforms, including Apple Music, where fans can preview and enjoy the full range of tracks.

    Music critics and fans have lauded Stakev's latest project, praising the artist for his innovative approach to music and his ability to stay true to his roots while exploring new sounds. The “Bittersweet” album is expected to further cement Stakev's position as a force to be reckoned with in the South African music industry.

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    1 Suku Suka Zain SA & Kabza De Small
    2 Rekere 9 Kabza De Small
    3 Celubuye Thatohatsi
    4 S'hamba Nabo Toss, Kabza De Small & Professor
    5 Ngeke Balunge
    6 Formation Yama Nyora (442)
    7 Umshini
    8 Uyaduma (Revisit) Tman Xpress
    9 Strategy Focalistic & Ch'cco
    10 Rekere 10 Kabza De Small
    11 Inkwari
    12 Muhle Lona Kabelo Sings
    13 Bitter & Sweet (626)

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