Full List Of People Zoleka Mandela Doesn’t Want At Her Burial

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    We all know that Zoleka Mandela has passed away. What's making headlines now is how well she planned for her funeral after being diagnosed with cancer.

    She made it clear that there were certain people she didn't want at her funeral.

    In a list that's been causing a lot of talk online, Zoleka wrote down the names of those she didn't want to see at her funeral.

    She kept this list in her diary, which was shared by someone named Zimoja.

    In the diary, she listed a bunch of names, from people she was close to, all the way to members of the Mandela family.

    For example, she didn't want her ex-husband, Thiery Bashala, who is the father of two of her kids, anywhere near her funeral or her .

    She also made it clear that she didn't want Leeroy Andile Cana, the father of her youngest child, Zingce, to be part of her funeral in any way.

    You can see the full list of people she didn't want at her funeral below.

    Zoleka Mandela was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32 and had surgery to remove both her breasts.

    Despite her best efforts, the cancer spread to other parts of her . She shared her journey on Instagram until her passing.

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