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    Full Name Patricia Anne Pattie Boyd
    Date of Birth March 17, 1944
    79 years old
    Place of Birth Taunton, Somerset, England
    Parents Colin Ian Langdon Boyd and Diana Frances Drysdale
    Siblings Colin Jr. (brother), Paula (sister), David, Robert, Clare, Julia (half-siblings)
    Education Boarding school at Nakuru School in Nairobi
    First Marriage George Harrison (member of The Beatles) (1966-1977)
    Second Marriage Eric Clapton (musician) (1979-1989)
    Third Marriage Rod Weston (businessman, property developer) (2015-present)
    Career – Modeling Modeling
    Career – Photography Photography
    Notable Works Inspired songs like “Layla” and “Wonderful Night”
    Husband Rod Weston Rod Weston
    Marriage Date (with Rod) 2015
    Marriage Duration (with Rod) Six years and counting
    Socials Instagram / Twitter

    The Early Years
    Pattie Boyd, born Patricia Anne Boyd on March 17, 1944, grew up in Taunton, Somerset. Her father, Colin Ian Langdon Boyd, served in the British Royal Air Force, leading the family to move frequently during her childhood.

    Pattie Boyd entered the fashion industry as a model in 1962 and worked primarily in London and Paris. Apart from ‘Honey' magazine, she got regular assignments from the UK edition of ‘Vogue', ‘Vanity Fair', and ‘Elle' in France, and also appeared on newspaper spreads for ‘The Daily Telegraph' and ‘The Times'.
    She appeared on the cover of British ‘Vogue', and worked with photographers such as David Bailey, Terence Donovan and Brian Duffy. Along with Jean Shrimpton, she became the embodiment of the British female ‘look' that defined Western fashion for women since her association with the Beatles in the late 1960s.
    In early 1964, she worked with director Richard Lester for a television advertising campaign for Smith's crisps, following which Lester cast her as a schoolgirl in the 1964 Beatles film ‘A Hard Day's Night'. During this time she became romantically involved with Beatles' lead guitarist George Harrison, which not only spiked interest in her personal affairs, but also boosted her modeling career significantly.
    She immediately earned further assignments from ‘Vogue' and ‘Vanity Fair'; did a photoshoot with photographer Jeanloup Sieff for ‘Tatler'; and appeared on commercials for Smith's and L'Oréal, as well as fashion ads. Described as “by far the most glamorous” of all the Beatles' wives and girlfriends, she epitomized “sixties stardom”, with women striving “to look like Pattie Boyd rather than Marlene Dietrich”.
    Gloria Stavers convinced her to write a column for the American teen magazine '16', titled ‘Patti's Letter from London', to report on the latest trends in Carnaby Street, including insight into Beatles and Stones wardrobe. However, she had to stop at the request of Harrison after she became the target of Beatles' female fans.
    She then embarked on a joint venture with her sister Jenny, also a model, by opening a boutique named ‘Jennifer Juniper' in the Chelsea Market area of London to sell antiques and other art works. She was the buyer while her sister managed the shop.
    In her later modeling career, she promoted designs by Ossie Clark, appeared on several British ‘Vogue' covers, and also did a photoshoot with her sisters for the magazine. She worked with photographer Justin de Villeneuve and model Twiggy for a cover shoot for the Italian ‘Vogue' magazine.
    On Valentine's Day 2005, she put up her photographs from the 1960s of Harrison and Clapton for exhibition at the San Francisco Art Exchange, naming the show ‘Through the Eye of a Muse'.
    In 2011, she held the exhibition ‘Yesterday and Today: The Beatles and Eric Clapton' in Santa Catalina Island in California and at the National Geographic Headquarters in Washington, DC.

    Life's Twists and Turns
    Her parents parted ways when she was eight, and her mother relocated them to England. Both parents remarried, expanding the family. Pattie's passion for photography and modeling sparked in her youth.

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    Modeling Journey
    Her modeling journey began unexpectedly while working at a salon in 1962 when an agent spotted her. This kickstarted a career that saw her in commercials and even a role in the Beatles' film, “A Hard Day's Night.”

    Love and Marriage
    Pattie became renowned not just for her modeling but for her relationships with two iconic musicians. She married George Harrison in 1966, divorcing in 1974. Shortly after, she wed Eric Clapton in 1979, ending in divorce in 1989. The complexities of their relationships led to inevitable splits.

     Passion for Photography
    Boyd's experiences in front of the camera translated into a knack for photography. Her exhibitions showcasing her ex-husbands' images toured globally under the theme ‘Through the Eye of a Muse.'

    Recent Ventures
    In 2007, she penned her autobiography, “Wonderful Today.” Her knack for storytelling continued with her book launch, “My Life in Pictures,” in 2022.

    Pattie Boyd remains an emblematic figure in the worlds of fashion, music, and photography, leaving an indelible mark through her relationships and artistic endeavors.


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