Mpho Makwana Biography, Age, Net Worth, House, Cars, Wife, Qualifications, Salary & Children

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    Mpho Makwana Biography

    Some netizens think of him as the man from nowhere because they had not heard about him until the recent news of him stepping down as Eskom chair after a year. Eskom is South Africa's power utility, a source of irritation to many South Africans because of the sporadic load shedding.

    Mpho served as chairman of the company for just a year. Before then, he had an interesting run in the world of business, from establishing his own company to working as a non-executive director at Nedbank. He also served as Chief Executive of Saatchi & Saatchi in South Africa.

    His most recent position was that of Acting Chairman of Eskom Holdings Limited


    Stage Name: Mpho Makwana
    Real Name: Mpho Makwana
    Occupation: Entrepreneur
    Date Of Birth/:
    Place of Birth:  South Africa
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: South African
    Marital Status: Married
    Education: University of Stirling

    Net Worth

    Mpho Makwana has done pretty well in all facets of life, and his exit from Eskom takes nothing away from that reality. His net worth, though, is something he won't tell you. However, online sources have been throwing figures all over the place, including R22 million. But we cannot independently verify this.

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    Top executives are known for their love of choice cars, and they are more than happy to splurge on the same – living the life many dream of but may never be able to attain in their lifetime. So what cars does Mpho Makwana own? That's one area about him that is still a mystery.

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    Yes, while a man of his level is in a position to acquire choice cars, there is no data to determine the cars he owns. He certainly prefers things that way – a life without all the noise.

    How old is Mpho Makwana? A source claimed that he was born in June 1970, without giving the day of his birth. If that is to be believed, then he is currently 53 years


    “He who finds a wife finds a good thing…” Mpho Makwana reportedly found his “good thing” a long time ago. However, because he leads a private life, nothing is known about his wife at this point. Clearly, like her husband, she, too, is not a big fan of publicity.


    Mpho Makwana is easily one of the most educated South Africans out there, although you would rarely find him projecting just how educated he is and what qualifications he has. At any rate, he is known to have attended the University of Pretoria, where he obtained a bachelor's degree in administration.

    He also attended the University of Zululand and an executive development programme at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Chicago. Add an MBA from the University of Stirling and you know he has an abiding love for education.


    Mpho Makwana is mostly private about his personal life and his family. Where some notable public figures would rather share anything and everything, the former Eskom chair would rather keep his family's affairs away from the media. Anyway, sources point to him having a daughter.

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    Salaries of top figures, be they in business or in politics, are usually on the high side, and Makwana is no exception. It is unclear exactly how much he was earning as Eskom chair, however, sources point to those at his level at the state utility earning millions annually. So it is assumed he earns in the same range.


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