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    Laime – Album Download

    Nigeria is known for having a wealth of musical talent, and Laime is one of the brightest stars in the business. Laime is renowned for her captivating stage performances and is not only a highly skilled musician but also a fantastic songwriter. Their skill is evidence of Nigeria's thriving and diverse music scene, which is still making waves on the international scene.

    In a beautiful coincidence, Laime has gifted us with an incredible album that will brighten and improve our music selections. This outstanding album, “Naughty by Nature,” proves Laime's diverse musical ability and unwavering commitment to making music that appeals to a broad audience. “Naughty by Nature” is a musical masterpiece that merits a prominent place in your collection thanks to its contagious melodies, moving lyrics, and irresistible beats.

    Do not let this opportunity slip through your fingers; it's time to update your music playlist with Laime's “Naughty by Nature” album. Allow the enchanting sounds and compelling narratives in Laime's music to take you on a journey of musical discovery. Whether you're searching for introspection, high-energy vibes, or simply a dose of feel-good music, this album has something for everyone.

    Laime Naughty by Nature Album Tracklist

    On My Life

    Aye Ole!

    Ololufemi (Wole)



    Where Dem Dey Remix

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