Autopsy Shows How Three Slain Men Died As Fresh Details Emerge On Their Past

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    Police and the family of some of the men who were mowed down by bullets in Buruburu, Nairobi have identified them.

    Three of the four men were identified by family members as coming from Gitaru area, Kiambu County.

    A fourth man is yet to be identified.

    The amily and friends of the three men gathered at the City Mortuary where a postmortem examination was conducted.

    A Pathologist Dr Peter Ndegwa , who conducted the postmortem examination on the three bodies concluded they all died of excessive bleeding as a result of multiple gunshot wounds.

    Among the three men who have so far been identified include Brian Mwangi Kariuki 24, Benson Mwangi Kinyua 22, and Julius Mwangi aged 25.

    Brian's identity card was found in a car they were using when they were shot dead on December 24. This alerted his relatives who rushed to the mortuary and identified him alongside two others.

    Police say they do not know who shot the four.

    Some of their families revealed unanimously that the three were known criminals and had pending criminal cases in Nairobi and Machakos.

    A relative said Kinyua had only left prison a last before his fatal shooting.

    “We had tried to talk to him (Kinyua) but it he didn't listen,” a relative said.

    Another relative said two other men shot dead together were jailbirds.

    “They were all in jail together. They were facing a robbery with violence case that had been reported at Kayole police station,” she said.

    Kinyua was connected to a robbery incident in Utawala in January this year.

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    “He (Kinyua) together with his friend were granted Sh200,000 cash bail by a Mavoko court. However as a family we decided not to pay the bond and wanted him to stay behind bars until he reforms.“

    The relative said the family only came to learn of their son's death from the media.

    “We don't know how he left prison because none of us paid the bond for his freedom,” she said.

    The four men were shot dead by uknown people on Christmas Eve in Buruburu area.

    Their lifeless bodies were discovered inside and outside a car they were using.

    Initial reports by Buruburu police said the four had suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

    Police said they found three bodies outside a motor vehicle that was parked in the estate.

    The fourth was found inside a grey Suzuki Swift.

    According to the police, daggers were found inside the vehicle.

    One of the recovered daggers was found on the killed men while another weapon was found inside a car where the of one of the men lay.

    Officers who arrived at the scene at around 7am, said they were informed of the bodies by a resident who claimed to have heard gunshot on Saturday night.

    The resident told police he thought that some residents were cracking fireworks ahead of the Christmas festivities.

    Preliminary findings show three of the victims who were found ou

    The fourth man, according to the investigators, had suffered multiple gunshot wounds in the head and stomach.

    The crime scene personnel believe that the three were pulled out of their car and shot dead at close range.

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    Police said a Ceska pistol may have been used to kill the men. A high caliber weapon was also used.

    When the police arrived at the scene of the murder, no cartridges were found in the area further giving the investigators clues that the killers could have been well trained people.

    Police say investigations are ongoing into the incident amid reports some of the men had been linked to a robbery at a supermarket in Kisii town last week.

    tside the vehicle were sprayed with bullets while lying down on the ground.



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