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    TY Bello, a Nigerian singer, composer, and photographer, just gave her eagerly awaited , “Heaven Has Arrived,” to her admirers. With a mix of 20 enthralling songs that will speak to listeners' hearts and souls, this outstanding effort exemplifies TY Bello's prodigious ability and inventiveness.

    With “Heave Has Arrived,” TY Bello teams up with an all-star roster of gospel music icons, giving the record a more profound artistic expression and significance. The distinctive voices and musical idioms of these featured musicians lend even more value to this already excellent project.

    TY Bello has established herself as a multidimensional artist who continues to enthrall audiences worldwide with her powerful voice, soul-stirring songs, and stunning photography talents. She has continuously produced songs that have a strong emotional impact on her listeners throughout her career, and “Heave Has Come” is no exception. Each piece on this CD bears witness to TY Bello's desire to make uplifting and inspirational music and her devotion to her profession.

    As they become lost in the melody and lyrics of “Heave Has Arrived,” listeners are in for a treat. This demonstrates TY Bello's flexibility as a performer, as she smoothly transitions between many genres and moods, from emotional ballads to energizing anthems. This CD promises to satisfy your needs for comfort, inspiration, or just a lovely musical experience.

    Hence, sit back, unwind, and let TY Bello's most recent masterwork, “Heave Has Arrived,” transport you. Discover the transformative power of music as you set out on a journey of faith, hope, and love. Celebrate the beauty of life and the limitless joy that awaits in the presence of heaven with TY Bello and other top gospel performers.

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    Don't pass up this fantastic musical presentation. Share the enchantment of “Heave Has Arrived” with your loved ones by listening to it now. Let the upbeat melodies and motivational lyrics ring in your ears as a constant reminder of the ability of music to touch our hearts and illuminate our spirits.

    TY Bello HEAVEN HAS COME ALBUM Tracklist

    1. Ty Bello – For Life DOWNLOAD HERE
    2. Ty Bello – He Fights For Me DOWNLOAD HERE
    3. Ty Bello – Fill Us DOWNLOAD HERE
    4. Ty Bello – Oh Jesu DOWNLOAD HERE
    5. Ty Bello – That'S My Name DOWNLOAD HERE
    6. Ty Bello – Closer Than Close DOWNLOAD HERE
    7. Ty Bello – Loved By You DOWNLOAD HERE
    8. Ty Bello – Ire DOWNLOAD HERE
    9. Ty Bello – Come Afresh DOWNLOAD HERE
    10. Ty Bello – Hosanna We Hail You DOWNLOAD HERE
    11. Ty Bello – Torrents DOWNLOAD HERE
    12. Ty Bello – Odun Ayo DOWNLOAD HERE
    13. Ty Bello – Baptize Me DOWNLOAD HERE
    14. Ty Bello – Heaven Has Come DOWNLOAD HERE
    15. Ty Bello – Shift DOWNLOAD HERE
    16. Ty Bello – Deeper Still DOWNLOAD HERE
    17. Ty Bello – My Body DOWNLOAD HERE
    18. Ty Bello – Better Than Time DOWNLOAD HERE
    19. Ty Bello – Because You Are God DOWNLOAD HERE
    20. Ty Bello – Kabiyesi DOWNLOAD HERE



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