The Ideology of Dobale

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    The Ideology of Dobale

    Dobale definition: Yoruba verb – The act of greeting for the men is called “Idobale” (To prostrate) while for the women it's called ”ikunle” (To kneel down). These are the ways of greeting amongst the Yorubas. It's a way of showing respect to elders, parents, and kings and acknowledging people in authority or older than the individual.

    There is an Israel in all of us. It is a barefaced truth that we can only try to wish away or water down for convenience. But it mostly ends in trying. It doesn't exculpate us. It is the truth that speaks to our cardinal elements. The truth is the truth!
    For some reason, our Israel may be lacking in a DMW suffix because we can't brag about belonging to a clique where 30 billion is spun as an anthem. But it's in our closet moments that we return to that truth. It is a journey of mixed emotions toward discovery.
    It is the understanding that Israel knows he is an Idan. The Lord of his own empire. He reeks of a manly mien that implies he calls his shots. He stocks his trade. Like Merlin, he can make dragons spit fire and command an oasis in dry lands– but in Uther Pendragon's Court, he is still but a servant. Israel is Merlin, and Uther is a bigger Idan with the crown.
    There is an Israel in political circles. We chisel out conveniences and call them sycophants. Hon Patrick Obahiagbon, the former Edo reps member who had high-sounding words than impactful projects called them hallelujah boys. But I am not digressing. It is for the convenience of it. They are the ones who oil the orgasms of politicians. They sing their praises to the high heavens. With clenched fists and arms hoisted in the air, they know their onions.
    In the bar and bench, there is an Isreal in the corridors of the law. And by the Law, I mean The Law! Whether he is just charging and bailing, or sorting litigation files for a SAN. The Law firm is a long chain of hierarchy. The virgin lawyer knows his Idan– he looks forward to his first court pitch.
    Should we talk about the Israel in the and the mosques? It pricks emotions and leaves you sounding like you're being dissident by touching God's anointed. But your pastor/imam is Idan. Davido may be unavailable. But David/Dawud is. So he lays hands on you. And who are you to stand erect and shoulder squared when receiving the holy touch? Common Dobalē!
    The Ideology of Dobalē cuts across every facet of our lives: it goes beyond paying homage. It is to be in charge or have the illusion of being in charge. But when the chickens come home to roost, you understand that you're an oga who has an oga who is answerable to an oga. It's a long chain of convenience.
    Beyond the intangible realms of social media, there is an Isreal in the DMs. He is not caught in the flickering lights of cameras in the act of Dobalē. In the DMs, he is a lickspittle. He calls the Idan fancy names and prostates virtually. Most times, he is not even a Merlin, he is merely a court jester in Uther Pendragon's Court.
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