Reminisce – Atsg, Vol. 1 EP | Full Album Mp3 Download

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    – Atsg., Vol. 1 EP | Full Album Mp3 Download

    is one of the notable musicians from Nigeria who has been producing some of the best songs in the country. She is a true industry star. In addition to being a fantastic vocalist, he is also a talented songwriter and a captivating stage presence. Reminisce has once again shown us how talented he is, and his newest EP, “Atsg, Vol. 1,” will brighten up our music playlists.

    Reminisce has long been praised for his distinct aesthetic, perceptive lyricism, and captivating live persona. Through “Atsg, Vol. 1,” he upholds his position as one of the leading personalities in Nigerian music. This EP is a musical trip that aims to captivate your senses and truly resonate with your emotions; it's not just another compilation of songs.


    “Atsg, Vol. 1” features tunes that demonstrate Reminisce's unrelenting dedication to his profession. Each and every beat, tone, and phrase has been painstakingly refined to create an unparalleled listening experience. This EP is an artistic and sensory journey that transports you to a rich tapestry of sound and is much more than just music.

    Reminisce Atsg, Vol. 1 EP Tracklist

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