Orezi – Chocolate Daddy Album | Full Mp3 Download

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    Orezi – Album | Full Mp3 Download

    Orezi, a Nigerian hit-maker and music artist, has once more mesmerised his audience with his most recent album, “.” This amazing Album, which highlights Orezi's extraordinary talent and inventiveness, is an essential addition to your Playlist.

    Orezi has continuously produced chart-topping tunes that have earned him a huge fanbase both domestically and abroad thanks to his distinctive style and contagious sounds. He is adept at writing appealing tunes and fascinating lyrics that appeal to listeners of all ages, and “Chocolate Daddy” is no exception.

    You'll be taken to a realm of unadulterated musical joy as you listen to this fascinating song. You'll be bopping along the entire time thanks to the seamless fusion of Afrobeat rhythms and modern music. Your appetite will be whetted by the compelling mix of sound that Orezi's distinctive vocals create over the catchy beat.

    “Chocolate Daddy's” lyrics are evidence of Orezi's skill as a poet. He creates a realistic picture of love and desire with witty wordplay and thought-provoking words. The catchy chorus of the song will have you singing along in no time, making it a hit with both music lovers and fans.

    In typical Orezi style, “Chocolate Daddy” comes with a gorgeous music video that perfectly matches the song's topic. It is a delight for the eyes and ears because to the amazing sights, fascinating choreography, and brilliant colours that further improve the overall experience.

    You'll find yourself repeatedly pressing the replay button as you lose yourself in the world of “Chocolate Daddy.” This song, with its addictive melody and alluring lyrics, is a testament to Orezi's tremendous skill. It's understandable why he has remained a major player in the music business.

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    Don't miss this fantastic musical masterpiece, then. Check out “Chocolate Daddy” below, share it with your friends, and download it to embark on an unforgettable journey with Orezi's captivating music. Prepare to savour Orezi's dulcet tones as the one and only “Chocolate Daddy.”

    Orezi Chocolate Daddy Album Tracklist


    Freak You

    My Queen Remix


    One Call Away

    I Swear

    Kiss Me Remix

    Start to Dance

    No Advise Me


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