Nasboi: Reaching for the Stars

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    By Illah Michael Ojodomo
    Sometime in July this year, “Death took my only brother last night. He was only 20. God knows best” were the only words Michael Nasiru Bolaji, affectionately known as Nasboi could muster when he announced the death of his younger brother.

    As expected, that heartbreaking announcement was thronged by commiserations from his growing fan base who had always been fascinated by his sheer creativity, granting him a mantle of sitting in the first roll call of Nigeria's most hilarious skit makers.

    The death of Nasboi's younger marked a long hiatus from the creative industry. But the fan base waited. They urged him on and helped him pick up his broken pieces, one fragment at a time. And did he just come back? No. He did it with a bang!

    Whether playing Ejike or Obus, or being Ikechukwu, the lyrical beast from the East, the story of the native of Odo Otin Local Government Area of Osun State, but raised in Port Harcourt, Rivers State who started by mimicking music star, , earning the moniker “low-budget OBO” has always been told to the admiration of his fan base.

    Despite bagging a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Nasboi may not have been particularly fascinated by his academic training. He had always had an uncanny knack for music: studio mics, cameras, speakers, and not some toggle clamps, calipers, and pliers (apologies to Mechanical Engineers. Lol). And beyond the skits, that was the dream– him, clutching to a studio mic and pouring his lyrics into it while pictured in the backdrop is Producer Young Jon, giving him a thumbs up.

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    So hearing of his latest collaboration with the legendary in a soul-snatching song titled, ”Umbrella” is to assume that he is on his way towards self-rediscovery. Today, he can be anything he wants in a far-reaching creative industry. Who says he can't when he's such a bag of talent?


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