How to Get an Opay POS Machine in Nigeria 2023

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    How to Get an Opay POS Machine in Nigeria 2024

    To become an Opay merchant, you must create an Opay account, and its team must approve your store. To get started, head to the Opay website and create your account. Once your account is ready, you can fill out your store information and all the necessary details.

    How to Get an Opay POS Machine in Nigeria

    Providing you with on-the-go banking services and accepting payments from your customers! Using these steps below as a guide tool, here's how to get an Opay POS Machine in Nigeria easily:

    To start the process, you need to register for an account on the Opay platform. Visit the Opay website or the Opay app on your phone. Provide the required personal information and complete the registration.

    Once you have registered, Opay will verify your account. This process may involve providing identification documents such as a valid ID card or passport. Opay will also likely request additional information about your business.

    To apply for an Opay POS machine, log in to your Opay account and click on the “Pos” tab. From there, you will be directed to the Opay POS machine application page. Fill out the required fields, including your contact information, business details, and preferred POS machine model.

    After submitting your application, Opay will review it and determine whether you meet the necessary requirements. The approval process can take a few days, depending on Opay's availability. Once approved, Opay will contact you regarding the next steps.

    When your Opay POS machine has been approved, Opay will arrange for delivery to your preferred address. The POS machine will come with a user manual and any necessary accessories. Follow the instructions provided to install the POS machine in your business premises.

    Once the POS machine is installed and configured, you can start accepting payments from customers. The Opay platform offers various payment options, including card payments, bank transfers, and QR code payments. Customers can simply scan the QR code displayed on your POS machine or insert their cards to make payments.

    Benefits of an Opay POS Machine

    Opay POS machines offer several benefits to businesses in Nigeria. Some key advantages include:

    1. Convenience: With an Opay POS machine, businesses can accept cashless payments, eliminating the need for cash transactions. This convenience for both businesses and customers promotes a more convenient and seamless payment experience.

    2. Efficiency: Opay POS machines are designed to handle high volumes of transactions quickly, reducing transaction time and improving overall efficiency.

    3. Security: Opay provides encryption and secure transaction processing to protect both businesses and customers from online fraud.

    4. Data Analytics: Opay provides businesses with valuable data and analytics, allowing them to track sales, monitor transactions, and make informed business decisions.

    5. Customer Engagement: Opay POS machines come with built-in marketing tools, allowing businesses to engage and retain customers through loyalty programs, discounts, and special offers.

    Opay POS machine price in Nigeria

    How much is the Opay POS machine? No single answer can be provided, as a POS machine's cost depends on several factors. The specific features and capabilities of the machine, as well as its and condition, will all impact the final cost.

    In general, the current costs of Opay POS machines in Nigeria is around:

    Smart (Android) POS: ₦60,000

    Traditional POS: ₦45,000

    Mini POS: ₦10,000

    Which bank does Opay use?

    Opay uses Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank to allow customers easily access its financial services using their phones. It facilitates quick and easy financial transactions for customers. Some of the services offered by Opay include online banking, bill payments and money transfer. Customers can conveniently use the platform to pay for goods and services at partner merchants.

    How do Opay agents make money?

    Opay agents make money by charging a commission on every transaction completed through their platform. This commission fee varies depending on the type of service that the user is looking to use, as well as on the amount that is being transacted. Opay is a powerful tool for businesses that want to simplify and streamline their payment processes. As a merchant, you have access to various useful tools and services to help your business become more efficient and profitable. The process of applying for an Opay POS machine is simple. You need access to the internet and visit its website, where you will submit all the necessary documents.


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