How to Check Airtel Number

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    How to Check Airtel Number in Nigeria

    Remembering your mobile number, especially with a new SIM card, can be tricky. But don't worry, if you ever need it urgently, your Airtel phone has got you covered. Discover two simple ways to check your Airtel number: USSD code, My Airtel app. Each network company has its unique USSD codes, and Airtel is no exception.

    Let’s break down USSD codes.

    What is a USSD code? USSD, or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, is a protocol used by GSM mobile operators for text messaging services. Most USSD codes begin with a star (*) and end with a hash (#), such as *123#. The beauty of USSD is that it works on any phone, no data plan or internet required. Users often use these codes to check their mobile balance, SMS balances, and Internet Pack balances, even without an internet connection.

    How to check Airtel phone number using USSD Code

    If you don't remember your Airtel number, it is still easy how to know Airtel number. Here is a very simple process in which you will know your Airtel number. Check out the steps below on how to know your own Airtel number:

    1. Insert your activated Airtel sim card into your phone
    2. Open the Airtel mobile phone App
    3. Dial the USSD Code: *121*3*4#
    4. Within a few seconds, you will get another flash message that will have your Airtel mobile number
    5. Dial *121# on your mobile phone Select 3 from the screen, i.e., My Account Next, select 4, i.e., My Number. Your number will be displayed to you on the screen. Note it down somewhere.
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    There are other ways to check your Airtel Number. Let's look at these alternative methods too.

    How to check Airtel phone number using Thanks App

    Airtel Thanks is an official recharge app that is by Airtel. The My Airtel App Andriod iOS is a one-stop resource where you can claim your rewards, make recharges and payments, and manage all your Airtel connections from anywhere, anytime. You can even check your Airtel phone number using the Airtel Thanks App. Check out the steps below:

    1. Airtel Thanks App from Google Playstore or App store for iOS users
    2. Make sure Airtel data network is on
    3. It will then automatically sync with your network, and you will see your home screen
    4. Go to your profile on the top and your Airtel number will be right there

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